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Our Services

Services provided in our caring home will allow your pet the comforts of a home environment, but with more socializing opportunities with our other family, pets and other guests.  We often book months in advanced, so don't delay!  We take reservations on a first booked basis.

Pup ready for bed

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!


Your furry family members will enjoy a home environment with hours of companionship.  They will have the option to interact with other pets and time in our enclosed backyard for a breath of fresh air.

Don't forget about your cats and/or caged pets!  We love all furry family (and some not so furry) so don't forget to ask us about them too.


ALL visits to our home for drop off and pick up of pets must be scheduled ahead of time.  Please let us know what time frame you are expecting to arrive when making your reservation.  We try our best not to have our arriving visitors greeted by everyone in the household :-) We also prefer not to make our guests uncomfortable while waiting for your arrival.

Should a Guest's stay exceed a 24-hour period, we reserve the right to charge an additional daycare fee dependent on circumstances.

Was that a rabbit I saw?

Bring your pup for a day of play, socialization or even relaxation! They will have access to a large portion of our home and the entire fenced backyard with lots of toys and others to play with.

The pups are usually good at entertaining each other, but during the summer months, we invite local teenagers to come and help us keep the pups entertained and walked for a well rounded experience.

No worries, someone is home 95% of the time and we have dog proofed the areas that they stay in to the best of our abilities so that everyone can enjoy a safe fun time.

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