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Did you know that your pet communicates with us during their visit? They may not say it out loud, but they will let us know how they want to be groomed. Most enjoy their breed specific cut, others will tolerate a fancier hairstyle, then there are those that are just thankful that all the hair is gone.


 We want your pet to be happy, healthy and comfortable. That is why our focus is keeping them clean and free of matting. Our prices are very reasonable so you can visit often to keep those coats in great shape for that cute hairstyle you prefer.


Grooming services are available in our spacious grooming salon. All services include Bath, Brush, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning, PawPad Trim and Sanitary Trim as needed.*

We do not kennel dry and your pet is never left unattended.

See our menu for more details on each service.  Our grooming agreement can be found on the 'Forms' page of our website.

Appointments are available Saturday and Sunday only between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm.

If you need to leave your pet with us for longer than the appointed 2 hour window, we would be happy to provide daycare.**

*We do not express glands.

**Daycare rates will apply.

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